Whitewater Rafting in Davao


If you’re into adventure in Davao, you don’t have to go further from its city limits and scale Mt. Apo. Davao River is a 150 kilometer stretch from the mountains with a width of between 60 to 90 meters. Although a large portion of it is relatively calm — it has a flow of 70-80 cubic meters per second near the mouth — there are parts suitable for whitewater rafting. The rafting activity takes between two to three hours covering the 13-kilometer course that consists of class 1 to class 4 (easy to advanced) rapids.

Base Camp, an outdoor adventure outfitter in the city also offers whitewater adventure across Davao River.

Schedule of activities:

Morning session at 7am (Participants must take their breakfast early)
07:00 am – Assembly, Registration, Gear Fitting
07:30 am – Departure for Put-in area (38 km travel)
08:30 am – Arrival at Put-in, Safety Briefing
09:00 am – Start of Rafting (2-3 hours rafting)
12:00 am – Arrival at Take-out area, lunch
12:30 am – Head back to Base Camp
01:30 pm Arrival at Downtown

Afternoon session at 2pm (Participants must take their lunch early)
11:00 am – Assembly, Registration, Gear Fitting
11:30 am – Departure for Put-in area (38 km travel)
12:30 pm – Arrival at Put-in, Safety Briefing
01:00 pm – Start of Rafting (2-3 hours rafting)
04:00 pm – Arrival at Take-out area, snacks
04:30 pm – Head back to Base Camp
05:30 pm – Arrival at Downtown


  • Assembly area: Base Camp, 2/F Philippine Red Cross Building, Roxas Avenue beside Marco Polo Hotel.
  • Put-in area or starting point: Tamugan bridge (38 kilometers from assembly area)
  • Take-out area or ending point: Lacson bridge


P1,500 per person which includes the following:

  • transportation – free pickup for participants based in downtown Davao City area
  • meals
  • guide fee
  • gears and equipment
  • documentation CD of photos and video clips

Notes: A minimum of 5 participants per group. If your head count falls below this number, the whitewater rafting trip can still proceed once you agree to pay for cost of 5 participants.

Safety consideration:

  • Each activity has well-trained and certified guides to assist in swift water rescue, first aid, and basic life support.
  • Participants will be equipped with safety gear during the rafting activity
  • Participants don’t have to know how to swim to go rafting with Base Camp. They just have to overcome the fear of water.
  • Most common injury related to this activity is sunburn, and most other injuries occur on land, notably while getting in and out of the boats.

Participant requirements and preparations:

  • Minimum age limit is 7 years old, preferably unafraid of water, can follow instructions and typical body built to wear available life jackets. Active seniors above 65 years old are also welcome.
  • Participants don’t have to be physically fit to go rafting. Paddling a raft is a team effort that uses more technique than muscles. To do so, you should be reasonably healthy, and must be able to fit into available life vests.
  • Before the rafting activity, participants will be given extensive instructions during circumstances such as falling from the boat and how to stay safe.
  • As the activity expects participants to get wet, it’s better to bring swimwear, nylon shorts and t-shirts. River sandals or tennis shoes are good companion, along with hats and sunglasses with straps, as well as applying sunscreen before the rafting activity.
  • Participants don’t need to bring their camera as Base Camp will document the trip with photos and videos.

Weather conditions:

  • Since you will be getting wet while you are on the river, we run our trip rain or shine.
  • Unforeseen circumstances such as very high or very low water level, trips might be cancelled or postponed.

Booking procedure:

  • Call Base Camp at +63 82 321 6311 or +63 927 275 6099 or
  • Book online