5 Unique Wedding Venues in Davao City


When planning a wedding in the Southern part of the Philippines, Davao City just might be the ideal place where couples can have a memorable celebration. 

There are different locations that will enthrall the new couple as well as the guests because of the serenity offered alongside spectacular sights.

Here are some of the top places for that truly unforgettable wedding experience.

1.Eden Nature Park.

Located on top of a mountain in Toril, Davao City, Eden Nature Park and Mountain Resort is one of the hottest tourist attractions in the area.

It boasts of a beautiful garden particularly intended for momentous events like weddings and anniversaries, where couples can exchange vows with a wonderful view of the city behind them.

Guests get to bask in the lushness of the tropics around them throughout the event.

There are also several activities and facilities that both children and adults will enjoy, such as a cultural village, a pool and vast gardens. Eden Nature Park also keeps a plethora of wildlife around, featuring animals like deer, exotic birds and tree creatures in various areas.

2. Malipano Island. 

Davao City is well-known for its beautiful beaches, being adjacent to Samal Island where the white sand can rival the likes of Panglao and Boracay in Visayas. Malipano Island is just a short trip away from Samal Island and adjacent to Pearl Farm Beach Resort.

Couples can rent out the entire island to celebrate their wedding. There are seven villas on the island, with four placed on stilts over the seawater. There are also three holes of golf on the island for guests after the party.

Malipano Island is one of the most spectacular wedding venues that will truly make the whole celebration special.

3. White Water Adventure.

Couples looking for additional thrills might consider exchanging vows beside the mighty Davao River.

White Water Adventure features the lush greeneries surrounding Davao River. There are spaces available for small and solemn wedding ceremonies where the new spouses can celebrate and then go for a quick dip in the river or ride a raft down the rapids to mark the start of their lives together.

4. Baganihan Caves. 

Another remarkable wedding venue is the Baganihan Caves, located in Marilog District.

Many tourists frequent these formations where they enjoy activities like spelunking, hiking and picnicking. Many of the caves feature stalactites and stalagmites which will look great in wedding pictures.

Some of the caves also feature small lakes within or rivers flowing through. Couples will surely remember the experience for a lifetime.

5. Mt. Apo. 

Couples who have the courage, strength and determination can have a wedding at the foot of Mt. Apo. There’s a beautiful lake just beside the legendary peak where couples can celebrate with a few guests.

There are friendly locals who might be willing to help bring some of the items up. Couples can take several beautiful pictures of the volcano, as well as enjoy the cool climate.

Regardless of where you go, there are always new places to explore in the city. There are several new resorts being developed on Samal Island, as well as in the outskirts of town. Davao is certainly ripe with unique wedding venues, ranging from the most secluded to the most exotic and adventurous.

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