5 Must Visit Dining Places at Abreeza and SM Lanang


The recently opened Abreeza and SM Lanang Premier malls are known to be the most exclusive establishments in Davao City.

These malls showcase a number of unique brands and franchises that were never before experienced by local residents. People looking for food shops will be glad to know that there are plenty to choose from in these two places.

It will be an enriching experience to discover the unique tastes and excellent services one by one. However, if you’re trying to save time and money, here are our five top picks.

1. Taters at Abreeza Mall


Taters is located at the 3rd floor of Abreeza Mall, adjacent to the movie theaters.

Compared to traditional food sellers at the entrance of movie theaters in the past, Taters offers a very unique experience; thus, changing the way Davaoenos enjoy films.

Taters is best known for its flavorful popcorn, especially the unique wasabi variant. There are also different healthful sandwiches (chicken-turkey burgers and fish fillet sandwiches) and finger foods offered in meal packages. Taters can deliver your ordered snacks and drinks right to your seat inside the theatre.

2. Murray’s New Orleans at SM Lanang.

Located at the ground floor of SM Premier Lanang, this unique restaurant introduces Cajun-style cooking which originated in the southern part of the United States.

Guests can try some of their popular fares like the buffalo wings, calamari, jambalaya and seafood gumbo. Visitors can also try different cocktails or a few bottles of beer while watching the dancing fountain at the SM Fountaincourt.

3. Maitre Chocolatier at Abreeza Mall.

Located at the ground floor at the restaurant row area of Abreeza Mall, Maitre Chocolatier features world-class chocolates in very creative dishes and drinks.

Families and couples looking for great-tasting desserts can visit the boutique café. Some of the bestsellers include the Golden Euphoria and Sweet Revenge. It will also be a new experience for people to try main courses like steak or pasta with chocolate.

4. Hog’s Breath Café at SM Lanang.

Hog’s Breath Café is located at the ground floor of SM Lanang, fronting the dancing fountain.

Hog's Breathe Cafe
Hog’s Breathe Cafe

The newly opened restaurant originated in Australia and is the biggest branch in the world. The SM branch is actually the brand’s first in the Philippines. The restaurant offers Australian dishes.

Visitors should not fail to try the Prime Rib Steak. The beef is especially imported straight from Australia. The place boasts of very large servings at very competitive rates.

5. Hukad at Abreeza Mall.

Hukad is located at the second floor of Abreeza Mall and also at the second floor of SM Lanang. It is one of the most popular dining places in the city both for its sumptuous dishes and its budget-friendly prices.

Diners should try the crispy pata, crispy dinuguan and baked scallops. The place also serves unlimited rice.

Davao City is a melting pot of all things delicious and flavorflul. With the opening of two premier malls, locals are treated to world-class and unique food concepts that once again places the city among the best ones to live and retire in in the country.

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