The Aeon Towers: Bringing In 21st Century Living in Davao City

The Aeon Towers condominium is one of the high-rise residential places that will improve the skyline of Davao City in the next few years.The groundbreaking of the project started in 2011 and the building is expected to be complete by 2015. The structure stands about 150 meters and has 34 floors. It will be one of the tallest structures in the city once finished. People looking for a highly urbanized lifestyle and a place conveniently close to all the commercial centers will truly appreciate it.

The Aeon Towers condo in Davao City features 34 floors which will most likely be the tallest that the city has ever seen since. The building will be built along JP Laurel, Bajada, Davao City which is the busiest place and center of the commercial district.
Residents will only be a few minutes away from malls, offices, schools and churches. It is a state-of-the-art structure that will be ideal to the radical changes that the city is going through these years.
The condominium will cover about 4,574 square meters in all. This includes residential space, commercial space and gardens. The building boasts of having all the features and conveniences that top condominiums in the northern part of the country have. It provides all the comfort and luxury of urban living together with the serenity of the south that Davao is well known for.

There will be 600 residential units in all. The building will be a full wifi zone with fiber optic connections provided in each unit for ready internet access. People can easily plug in their desktops, smartphones and laptops to be on the web within seconds.

Each unit will feature adequate space depending on the type and size of the family. There are studio type units as well as bigger ones with 1 to 2 bedrooms for families and couples. There are also special suites and a penthouse for those with bigger budgets.

Some of the amenities to expect at the Aeon Towers include a fitness center, a playroom for children, swimming pools for adults and children, entertainment and recreational areas, a jogging path, a spa and a steam and sauna. Families can also go on picnics in the recreational area and enjoy grill barbecues on weekends. The condominium has wide spaces and parks for hosting huge parties and events. Function rooms are also available for business purposes. There is a helipad for visitors arriving by air.

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