12 Things You May Not Know Yet About SM Lanang

SM has opened its latest mall in Lanang, Davao City.

Dubbed SM Lanang Premier, the mall boasts of a fresh range of discount code united pharmacy shops, restaurants and scenes that will be completely new to the people of the city.

Davao continues to develop commercially with its second SM mall opening at the northern part of the metropolis. The first one was built over a decade ago in the south.

Here’s a rundown of the things you probably don’t know, but should, on the city’s newest premier mall.


The size. The total land area where SM Lanang stands measures 640,000 square meters which is close to five times the size of the first one in Ecoland, which only spans 132,000 square meters.

2. Retail floor area. SM Lanang has a total retail floor area of 175,000 square meters. There are 3 floors in all and it is bigger than the first one built, which has only 75,440 square meters of retail space. SM Prime Holdings developed the area and operations will be under the control of the same.

3. Available jobs. The new mall is expected to offer at least 10,000 jobs at different levels throughout its premises. People can apply as sales representatives, managers, maintenance staff, engineers, event organizers, setup professionals, etc. This is certainly a good thing for Davao City, whose population is also growing. Aside from the mall area itself, the surrounding infrastructure like hotels, BPOs, also hold promise in terms of employment.

4. New attractions. There are so many new activities offered by the new mall. People can play bowling at the SM Bowling Center and kids will truly enjoy the Science Discovery Center.

5. New shops. Some of the new shops that have opened at SM Lanang include Tokyo Tokyo restaurant, Gilligan’s restobar, Candie’s and Forever 21.  It has also been said the likes of Vikings Buffet, which boasts of a humongous display of food, and Krazy Garlik and Fish & Co from the Bistro Group of Companies will be opening.

6. New sights. There are also new things to look forward to at SM Lanang compared to other malls, such as the huge and wide fountain that will truly thrill kids and adults alike. The fountain also boasts of creative and colorful lights that will occasionally put on amazing water shows. Spanning 121 meters, it is the longest dancing fountain in the city. SM has reportedly spent billions on this project alone.

7. Star power. Considering how SM malls continuously have celebrities and entertainers come from different parts of the country and abroad, people can expect to see and meet more of their favorite stars and celebrities. Shows and other huge events will be held several times every year. The grand opening last September 28, 2012 lasted an entire weekend, featuring some of the biggest stars on TV and film.

8. IMAX. The new Imax theatre is probably one of the biggest attractions offered by SM Lanang. The theatre is the first and only one in the city (and Mindanao) and is expected to draw thousands of viewers from all over the region. Tickets are sold at P400 each.

9. Location. SM Lanang offers a very unique location — right at the Damosa intersection. It offers a more convenient place, especially for Davao City residents living in the northern part of the metropolis. It will be accessible to nearby places like Sasa, Lanang, R. Castillo, Agdao, Bajada, Panacan, Bunawan and Catitipan.

10. Sky Garden. The Sky Garden is another unique part of SM Lanang where people can unwind, dine, relax and watch concerts and performances by foreign and local artists in an intimate setting. The Sky Garden overlooks the front parking lot and JP Laurel Avenue. Some of the restaurants that have opened and are in line for the area are Marina Tuna, Manna Korean Restaurant, Gilligan’s, Blu Gre Cafe and Army Navy Burgers.

11. Convention Center. The grandiose SMX Convention Center is set up at the third floor, where events, concerts and other huge activities can be held. The presence of SMX in the city is expected to usher in a wave of world-class performances, conferences and concerts to this side of the country.

12. More things to expect. Since malls and condominiums usually go hand-in-hand today, the Park Inn Hotel by Radisson is currently being built and is expected to open in 2013. A bridgeway will link the hotel to the mall to conveniently accommodate guests. The Park Inn has a very nice view of the dancing fountain at the open court.

The establishment of SM Lanang Premier only proves that Davao City is fast-rising to be at par with major metropolises like Metro Manila and Cebu, if not better. As of September 2012, SM Lanang Premier is only around 35 percent completed. Davao certainly is waiting with bated breath at what this massive structure has yet to offer to the city. 

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