Outstanding People of Davao: Taxi Driver Noel S. Ingcal


Newcomers in Davao City may find it surprising that taxi drivers stick to meters unlike their counterparts somewhere in the North. Most Davao City cab drivers also return the fares to the last peso with no questions or favors asked.

What’s more, the honesty of Davao City drivers are also manifested when lost items are promptly reported to authorities and returned to their rightful owners.

One of them is Mr. Noel S. Ingcal of RGSM taxi with body number 1634. He found $200 cash owned by a passenger, an Indian national named Chunchu Sathyam, reportedly a father of a student enrolled at Davao Medical School Foundation.

Through the help of social media, the money was turned over to Mr Sathyam.

Thank you for making Dabawenyos proud, Mr Noel S. Ingcal.

Photo credit: Facebook/Leif Quililan