Proposed Ordinance Banning Junk Foods In Davao Schools Gaining Ground


A proposed ordinance prohibiting the selling of junk foods within school premises in this city may be approved this year as the city council’s committee on education eyed to submit reports in December for second reading.

The proposed ordinance aims to ensure that food products sold within school premises and up to 100 meters outside are in accordance with the nutritional needs of the elementary and secondary students.

It was authored by Councilor Rachel Zozobrado, the former chairperson of the committee on education, which is now chaired by Councilor Leah Librado-Yap.

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Although it was endorsed in 2010, the committee members had just finalized Monday the definition for “junk food”.

In the draft ordinance, junk food is defined as “a slang word for prepackaged snack food high in calories but low in essential nutrients and high in salt, refined carbohydrates or saturated fats such as salted snack foods, candy, gum, sweet desserts, fried fast food and carbonated drink.”

They also agreed to emphasize that only products in native preparation should be sold in school canteens and vendors within 100 meters from schools.

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