6 Lessons We Learn When We Visit Davao’s Philippine Eagle Center


The Philippine Eagle is the national bird of the Philippines however, due to excessive hunting and very few offspring that they can create, the symbol of or bravery is now dwindling in numbers. One of the many things that the Philippine Eagle Center is trying to advocate is the conservation and the appreciation of the Philippine Eagle. If you go around the Center, you can see that they displayed all species of the Philippine Eagle.

Learning Loyalty

The Philippine Eagle is monogamous, which means they only have one partner in their whole life. One and only one. You can take your significant other and visit the center and tell them that if they want to cheat on you in the near or far future, they are really ‘sobra pa sa hayop’


An eagle couple needs 7,000 to 13,000 hectares of forest to live and they kill other eagles if they get into their turf. Therefore, the more forest are destroyed the more endangered they get. Lesson from out national bird; if we claimed it to be ours, it is ours (*cough*china*cough*).

Local Superman

Whoever watched the latest Batman vs. Superman movie would love the Philippine eagle. Okay, maybe the eagle may not have those rock hard abs but the bird’s eyes are eight times more powerful than the normal human eye. They can also see at least 3 kilometers or more, it’s like they have their own biological telescope.


Many teenagers are now getting pregnant due to pre-marital sex. That is a fact. Most us don’t know how to use a condom or some actually don’t use condoms or any contraceptives due to the fact that we are afraid of what the church would say. Well, let me tell you this; eagles lay an egg every 2 years. Why? because they train their young before they reproduce again. If that’s not called responsible parenting, I don’t know what it is.

Photo Credit: zeelifestylecebu.com
Photo Credit: zeelifestylecebu.com

Cleaning themselves

Eagles, unlike other animals, know how to groom themselves. Preening is how they do it. They use their beak to arrange and fix their feathers to look good in order to find a mate. Allogrooming is for eagles that are ‘in a relationship’. They eagles groom each other not to attract other eagles but to simply show their affection to each other. That might have been a stretched but it’s pretty sweet.


All of these being said, we guess we can conclude that eagles represent the Filipino people more than we realize and it is sad to think that with this beautiful creature flying through our skies is the target of some illegal poachers and hunters. For them it is only a game and that it shouldn’t affect anyone but the truth of the matter is this affects all of us. Eagles are a part of the Philippine ecosystem and we should take care of them because if we don’t, who will?