It’s No Fun Smoking in Davao


In case you are a new comer or pretending to be ignorant of a longstanding law in Davao City, get this: It is prohibited to smoke in public markets in the city.

Perhaps we can attribute to someone claiming to be a former policeman and a retired Army officer as newcomers or pretending to be ignorant of the law as they were apprehended smoking in a non-designated area within a public market. Well, they are just two of 23 violators caught red-handed by the Civil Security Unit.

To smokers: This sign means you cannot smoke here.

CSU Chief Andres Malinao identified the two as Lito Culahag, who tried to impress his captors by claiming to be a Davao City police director, and Mario Atus, a retired Army officer. So far, a search in the police directory revealed no Lito Culahag in its roster.

As many violators caught smoking in prohibited areas, the two said they were not aware Davao City is currently enforcing the “no smoking” ordinance and paid fines for their violation.

If you can only pay for a stick of cigarette and not the penalty for the violations, Davao City offers an alternative for you. Three of the violators rendered two-hour community service inside the mega market instead of paying the charges. We are not aware what were the designated tasks but we can imagine they could be cleaning the premises for good measure.

No smoking in Davao City. That’s why we love this place.

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