Hostel at Davao City Overland Bus Terminal to Open 2015


When you’re traveling through Davao City’s overland bus terminal and need to spend the night before boarding an onward trip, you have a few options where to stay.

You can hop in a taxi and head to nearby lodging houses, or decide to stay at the terminal and rent folding beds for P5, ubiquitous in the terminal deep in the night. But in between those two options, staying at the terminal and occupy one of its soon-to-be-launched hostel facilities.

Upon the opening of the hostel, located on top of the passenger lounge, it will accommodate 60 individuals. As of press time, water tanks and approval of rates by the City Council is all that separates between its current state and opening its doors to the public.

A proposed overnight stay rate of P200 covers bunk beds and separate comfort rooms for men and women.

Davao City Overland Transport Terminal serves 15,000 to 20,000 passengers a day, reaching up to 60,000 during Christmas holidays and other peak seasons. It operates 600 to 650 bus trips from 20 bus companies on a daily basis and reach 1,200 trips during peak periods.

Photo credit: mbb8356