Felcris Centrale: 43 Years of Success


Felcris Hotels and Resorts Corporation underwent major changes to improve operations and set its sights higher. It was incorporated to enter the real estate development sector.

Felcris Centrale will be the flagship project and is poised to become one of the biggest development projects in Davao City. One of the major goals of the company is to make a business community in one of the busiest areas of the city. The place is situated along Quimpo Boulevard in Barangay Bucana on a lot measuring 5.9 hectares. Felcris Centrale will feature office buildings, a shopping mall, hotels and residential towers.

The initial stage of the project will include the completion of the mall as well as the BPO structure, both estimated to cost around P1 billion. Colliers International recently cited that Davao City is the next biggest city to experience a massive boom in the next few years. It is the ideal location for foreign companies and firms to invest in businesses like BPOs and call centers.

The new project will include a commercial complex which will have 12 storeys. There will be office spaces on 10 floors and a retail and entertainment area having two levels and a supermarket, restaurants, boutiques and specialty stores. The total floor area measures about 54,000 square meters. A new mall will also feature several restaurants and shops with an entertainment area complete with beautiful plants and landscapes. There will be interior walkways featuring stalls and vendors selling fruits, flowers and locally made items.

Felcris Centrale is situated right in the middle of offices, government agencies and residential areas. It is conveniently near the Davao International Airport as well as the old business district of the city. The project will be the latest focal point of the city, owned and operated by the Yap family. The entire project is estimated to cost around P5 billion.

The Felcris brand has been in Davao City for the past 43 years. It was created and developed by the Yap brothers in 1969 when they started a minor retail shop and then continuously expanded through the years. Some of the other notable places that were made by the yap family include the Davao Central Warehouse Club, Inc. and Davao Central Convenience Store outlets. These continue to do well in many parts of Davao City. Felcris Centrale will be completed just in time to be part of the massive business wave that the city is about to have in the next few years.