DOST Launches Smarter Philippines in Davao City


THE Department of Science and Technology’s (DOST) launched on Wednesday in Davao City its newest umbrella program dubbed “Smarter Philippines.”

The program aims to drive the country toward more efficient and reliable services in several sectors and help produce world-class products, services and human resources as the DOST taps science and technology to help accelerate the country’s economy.

In a news statement, Science Secretary Mario Montejo said, “At its core, Smarter Philippines is a mindset—a conscious effort, a passion if you will—of continually finding better ways of doing things, a smarter way. For us at the DOST, this means leveraging science and technology to come up with new and better products, processes, services and systems which will have the primary objective of improving Filipino lives.”

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Under its Smarter Philippines program, Montejo pictured Davaoeños as having “access to a high-resolution 3D topographical map of their city and province, allowing them to do better land-use planning, to monitor and pinpoint vulnerable spots to floods and other natural disasters, as well as safe evacuation areas,” that will result to a more efficient structures, safer people and environment, and more effective tools.

The secretary said Smarter Philippines will be the DOST’s “trademark program,” adding that “as an umbrella program for various ICT [Information and Communications Technology]-driven projects, it will harness ICT as an enabling tool to attain this giant goal.”

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