Davao’s Duterte Drives a Cab


There are rumors that Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is the Filipino Dark Knight who roams the streets of Davao during the night to protect the people as they sleep.

Some say he drives a black SUV while others say he drives a Harley while wearing his trademark faded denim jacket.

It was minutes past midnight on August 28, when 31-year-old Maria Anna Luna Saguilo hailed a cab in the city’s downtown area just to be surprised that this late night ride will be a once in a lifetime experience for her driver is Mayor Rody.

Her brother, Renante Luna who works for the city’s disaster response team, was shocked when his sister arrived at their house with his boss.

duterte taxi

Luna immediately took a snapshot of Duterte smiling at the driver’s seat and posted the photo in his Facebook timeline.

“Exclusive! For bandits who target taxis! Please think twice if you will do banditry! Because you might hit this taxi! YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU DESERVE!” Luna posted in Cebuano.

The photo immediately circulated in social networking sites minutes after it was posted with thousands of shares and likes in different pages, accounts and groups.

“I can’t believe that the stories that he drives around were true. But with this experience I was able to personally take a picture of him driving,” Luna said.

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