Better Luck Next Time: 6 Davao Schools Risk Losing Nursing Program


For parents out there who wish to take on their responsibilities and send their children to college, there’s a bit of relief for you. Now you can pick a better place for nursing education — not that we encourage you to take up this course — after six colleges in Davao City are about to be stripped off their nursing programs.

Only four of them were named though:

  • Holy Child School of Davao
  • Tecaro College Foundation Inc.
  • STI College of Davao
  • Davao Merchant Marine Academy

According to Maricar Casquejo, Commission on Higher Education – Davao Region education supervisor, the four colleges mentioned above, plus two unnamed schools are classified as non-performing schools and were given to option to give up offering nursing programs or gradually phase out the program.

This conclusion was made after these institutions failed to improve their respective Nursing Licensure Examinations (NLE) passing rates for the past three years.

These schools decided not to accept first year enrollees starting school year 2012-2013.

We can’t help but wonder, with the exception of Tecaro College Foundation, which is known to be producer of nurses and midwives, why these schools have offered nursing programs while they are more popular in other fields. Holy Child School of Davao is noted for its high school program (and distinctive uniforms), STI College of Davao is more known for its computer courses; and Davao Merchant Marine Academy is more synonymous to marine engineers than nurses. Schools obviously can diversify their offerings but with these observations and their poor exam records, they could be riding coattails of the popularity of nursing few years ago.

So parents are hereby notified.