Davao Implements IBM Technology for Public Safety


The Davao City Government has implemented Friday its long-awaited Intelligent Operations Center solution meant to boost public safety and security.

Powered by IBM, the Intelligent Operations Center is expected to enhance Davao’s existing Public Safety and Security Command Center (PSSCC) by integrating and analyzing relevant information collected from multiple agencies that are dedicated to protecting the welfare of its citizens and the environment.

The technology is designed to help coordinate the city’s emergency services such as police, fire, anti-terrorism task force, and the K9 urban search and rescue services.

Photo Credit: City Information Office
Photo Credit: City Information Office

With the new system, the PSCCC now has a centralized operations dashboard where multiple agencies can integrate and process information in real time, significantly improving their response time to emergencies.

Over the past month of operation, the centralized and intelligent platform has enabled noticeable improvements in the management of the four main pillars of public safety, such as crime prevention, emergency response, threat prevention and response, and traffic management.

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