Davao City to Implement Speed Limits For Vehicles


Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte is set to issue an executive order that will require motorists to follow the 20-, 40-, and 60-kilometer-per-hour (kph) speed limits within the city.

“No exceptions, everyone should follow the required speed limit that will help us manage the city’s traffic problems as provided by law,” Mr. Duterte said.

He said residents should respect the speed limits of 20 kph within the downtown area, 40 kph along areas approaching downtown and 60 kph on the highway. Republic Act 4136, which compiles the Traffic laws of the Philippines, provides a speed limit of 20 kph for cars and motorcycles as well as trucks and buses along populated roads and a speed limit of 30 kph in cities with traffic lights.

Photo Credit: davaotoday.com
Photo Credit: davaotoday.com

Mr. Duterte has previously urged Congress to revisit the said law amid the many accidents involving irresponsible drivers. The mayor also warned drivers of government ambulances who have the tendency to go overboard. “Do not overspeed; you will destroy government property,” he said.

The mayor’s warning came as the city government turned over brand new 20 Toyota Hilux vehicles and 22 motorcycles to the Davao City Police Office to beef up its field operations. Francisco J. Villaroman, Public Safety Command Center chief, said six of these vehicles are for rough terrain areas in the city like Paquibato, Toril and Baguio districts. These vehicles are equipped with global positioning system (GPS), he said.

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