Davao City Is the Market Now: DTI


“DAVAO City is the market now.”

This is what DTI Davao City director Teololo T. Pasawa said in yesterday’s launch of the Philconstuct Mindanao 2013 at Villa Margarita Hotel.

He said that with a 2.4 percent annual growth rate and a population of 1.5 million, they may continue to grow to two million and make the city a suitable market place for businesses and investments.

Also among the reasons why investors are becoming confident on the city’s potentials is the efficiency of the local government services, economy, and infrastructures that has transformed the city as one of the most competitive cities in the country, based on a study by the Asian Institute of Management.

davao city

The availability of land compared to the other major cities is the third key factor why Davao City is the “market now.”

“Our city is seven times larger than Cebu and 20 times larger than Manila in terms of area. If Manila can accommodate a population of 10 million, Davao can very well host more than that. In that sense Davao is really a good market for the industry.” said Pasawa

The fourth factor is the reliability of the city’s power supply. Aside from that not only it is reliable but also one of the cheapest in the country with an industrial rate of P6 per kilowatt hour.

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