Davao City Hosts Global Convergence in 2013


An impressive line-up of world-renowned movers in the different spheres of society will be featured in the upcoming Liwanag World Festival on Creativity and Sustainability happening exactly a month from now.

The Festival, taking place from January 29 to February 2, 2013 at the Philippine Women’s College of Davao, builds upon the outstanding achievements and reputation of the first two national Karangalan Conferences held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines in 2005 and 2006.

Karangalan highlighted the global and national achievements of Filipinos in many areas of life. More than 5000 people, including visitors from other countries, attended these two conferences.


The Liwanag Festival is now taking this success, giving it a new contextand making it relevant to the second decade of the 21st Century — providing groups and individuals a creative space and opportunity to come together and share solutions to societal problems confronting us such as climate change, poverty, conflict, unequal distribution of wealth, lack of access to quality and responsive education, lack of livelihood opportunities, inadequate shelter, poor physiological and psychological health, unsustainable development practices, cultural decline, apathy, cynicism, and more.

As part of this process, the proponents decided to locate the Festival in Davao City, being a city that is moving towards sustainability, having great leadership and a good track record (e.g. known for its Gender Development Code, Children Welfare Code, Firecracker Ban, No Smoking Ordinance, our own 911 emergency system, among other trailblazing practices).

Some of the topics and speakers in Liwanag are:

“Global impact and message of the Occupy Wallstreet Movement”
Seth Jordan, co-founder and co-initiator of Think Outward and Occupy Wallstreet

“Revolutionary Discoveries in the Science of the Heart and Its Relevance to Creativity and Societal Sustainability”
Bruce Cryer, Global Director of HeartMath Health Care, a technique created to help people decrease their stress levels and increase their quality of life.

“The New Story of the Universe and the Future of Humanity”
Barbara Max Hubbard, President, Foundation for Conscious Evolution

Alongside these guest speakers are Philippines’ own leaders:

Maria Ressa, high profile journalist and CEO of Rappler, will elaborate on The Strategic Importance of Independent Media in Sustainable Societies.

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