Davao City Hospital & Medical Directory


Brokenshire Integrated Health Ministries Inc.
Madapo Hills, Davao City
Tel: 221-4456 / 221-4459

Community Health and Development Cooperative Hospital
Anda Riverside, Davao City
Tel: 221-0808 / 226-3990 / 305-0852

Davao Sanitarium and Hospital
Formerly Davao Adventist Hospital
Km. 7 McArthur Highway, Bangkal, Davao City
Tel: 297-2597 / 298-1692 / 296-2102
Fax: 298-1692

Davao Doctors Hospital
118 Quirino Avenue, Davao City
Tel: 227-2941

Davao Medical School Foundation Inc.
Medical School Drive, Bajada, Davao City
Tel: 227-9330 to 32

Isaac T. Robillo Memorial Hospital
Km. 26 Calinan, Davao City
Tel: 295-0200

Medical Mission Group Hospital
3rd Avenue, Leon Garcia St., Sta. Ana, Davao City
Tel: 221-9118

Ricardo Limso Medical Center, Inc.
Ilustre St., Davao City
Tel: 226-3688

San Pedro Hospital of Davao
Guerrero St, Davao City
Tel: 226-4714

St. Mary’s General Hospital
Toril, Davao City
Tel: 291-0883

Southern Philippines Medical Center
Acosta Clinic 
Location:                Toril, Davao City
Tel no:                   (082) 291-1635
Medical Director:      Dr. Luz Barrientos
Bed Capacity:          50 beds

Baguio/Principe Community Medical Hospital
Location:                Baguio Proper, Baguio District
Tel no:                   (082) 297-2066
Medical Director:      Dr. Anthony Principe
Bed Capacity:          10 beds

Buenaventura Medical Clinic 
Location:                Lasang, Davao City
Tel no:                   (082) 236-0064
Medical Director:      Dr. Edgardo Buenaventura
Bed Capacity:         15 beds

Bullecer Medical & Maternity Center
Location:                Rasay St., Toril, Davao City
Tel no:                   (082) 291-0483
Medical Director:      Dr. Clarita Bullecer
Bed Capacity:          24 beds

Camp Panacan Station Hospital Southcom, AFP 
Location:                Camp Panacan, Davao City
Tel no:                   (082) 234-4166
Medical Director:      Lt. Col. Jezebel Bautita
Bed Capacity:          25 beds

Clinica Feliciano II 
Location:                Magsaysay Avenue,Calinan
Tel no:                   (082) 295-0070
Medical Director:      Dr. Eucarista Feliciano
Bed Capacity:         32 beds

Clinica Isaguirre 
Location:                Magsaysay Avenue,Calinan
Tel no:                   (082) 295-00755
Medical Director:      Dr. Cornelio Isaguirre
Bed Capacity:         18 beds

Davao Mediquest Hospital, Inc. 
Location:                Kik’s Bldg., Saavedra St., Toril, Davao City
Tel no:                   (082) 291-0229
Medical Director:      Dr. Marie Antonette Zamora
Bed Capacity:         17 beds

Dela Cerna Hospital 
Location:                Mandug, Davao City
Medical Director:      Dr. Jose Louisito dela Cerna
Bed Capacity:         15 beds

Dr. Lorenzo B. Principe Clinic 
Location:                Calinan, Davao City
Tel no:                   (082) 295-0233
Medical Director:      Dr. Lucia Cecilla Villanueva
Bed Capacity:         12 beds

Guadalupe Medical Clinic & Hospital
Location:                Jamin St., San Nicolas, Dalilao, Toril, Davao City
Tel no:                   (082) 291-1049
Medical Director:      Dr. Ernesto Guadalupe Sr.
Bed Capacity:          24 beds

Malate Medical Clinic 
Location:                Toril, Davao City
Tel no:                   (082) 291-0383
Medical Director:      Dr. Bernardo Malate
Bed Capacity:          24 beds

North Davao Mining Corporation Hospital
Location:                Km.11 Sasa, Maco, Davao City
Tel no:                   (082) 817-0736
Medical Director:      Dr. Felix Luchabez
Bed Capacity:          12 beds

Tecarro Polyclinic Hospital
Location:                Dakila Drive, Magallanes St., Davao City
Tel no:                   (082) 227-1545
Medical Clinic:          Dr. Edna Tecarro
Bed Capacity:          25 beds

Alterado General Hospital 
Location:                Villanueva St., Agdao
Tel no:                   (082) 222-3358
Medical Director:      Dr. Abe Jun Versoza
Bed Capacity:          60 beds

Community Health & Development Cooperative Hospital
Location:                Anda Riverside, Davao City
Tel no:                   (082) 221-0852
Medical Director:      Dr. Luisa Llanes-Bisner
Bed Capacity:          25 beds

Davao Sanotarium & Hospital
Location:                Km. 7 Mc Arthur Highway, Bangkal, Davao City
Tel no:                   (082) 298-1692
Medical Director:      Dr. Giovanni Patalinghug
Bed Capacity:          34 beds

Fabie General Hospital 
Location:                Pelayo & Rizal Sts., Davao City
Tel no:                   (082) 227-3686
Medical Director:      Dr. Evelyn Fabie
Bed Capacity:          50 beds

Holy Spirit of Mintal Clinic
Location:                Mintal, Davao City
Tel no:                   (082) 293-0236
Medical Director:      Dr. Guillermo Layug
Bed Capacity:          34 beds

Isaac T. Robillo Memorial Hospital
Location:                Km. 26 Calinan, Davao City
Tel no:                   (082) 295-0200
Medical Director:      Dr. Ruben Robillo
Bed Capacity:          25 beds

Medical Clinic of St. Luke
Location:                Calinan, Davao City
Tel no:                   (082) 710-43
Medical Director:      Dr. Manuel Garcia
Bed Capacity:          50 beds

St. John Hospital 
Location:                Rasay St., Toril, Davao City
Tel no:                   (082) 291-0365
Medical Director:      Dr. Romanito Pilay
Bed Capacity:          50 beds

St. Mary’s General Hospital
Location:                Toril, Davao City
Tel no:                   (082) 291-0883
Medical Director:      Dr. Fe Soco
Bed Capacity:          67 beds

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