Davao City Awarded Being Most Child-Friendly City


Davao City was recently recognized for being the Most Child-Friendly Highly Urbanized City with the acceptance of the Presidential Award. The city was already noted as being the world’s safety cities to reside in.

The Award is a collection of projects and programs the local governments have initiated to ensure the rights of children are protected. And, Davao City’s award places the city above other larger, richer cities such as Cebu, Manila, Makati and Quezon City.

Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte has developed projects that are intended in the aiding and safeguarding of children – the halfway house for young cancer patients from around the country, not just Davao City.

The House of Hope is a special Duterte project, giving shelter, financial support and counseling to children who suffer with cancer and who need treatment from the Southern Philippines Medical Center.

The mayor spends special holidays like Christmas with cancer patients and has been known to buy toys for them personally. He even spends his birthday with them.

His concern for their welfare is well-known – he’s got many powerful anti-crime and anti-drugs campaigns that are geared toward protecting the city’s youth.


Davao City is also home to one of the most exceptional youth drug rehabilitation facilities. Critics have noted his drive against well-known drug dealers as being ruthless.

The mayor was recently making rounds in the city at dawn, and found three children sleeping in the streets. He had their parents arrested.

The 70-year-old mayor said one of his more important duties is to ensure the children are safe from crime and drugs because they’re the future’s leaders.