Davao City’s Anti-discrimination Ordinance Approved


MULTI sectoral groups gathered inside the Davao City session hall Wednesday gave a thunderous applause when members of the City Council passed on third and final reading the anti-discrimination ordinance.

Davao City Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte presided the session for the approval of the ordinance, his brainchild.

Duterte had tasked City Councilor Melchor Quitain to craft the ordinance, which will give people of Davao City equal treatment regardless of sex/gender, identity, sexual orientation, race, color, descent, nationality or ethnic origin and religious affiliations of beliefs.

“To those of you who feel having been discriminated against, especially the members of the gay community and the lumads, let me say this: While the city will provide you with the legal tool in your struggle for equality and acceptance, it is you and you alone who can earn for yourselves the respect and the dignity that you fight for,” Dutrete said in his speech before the ordinance got the nod of the SP members.

VM Rodrigo Duterte. Photo Credit: wikipedia.org
VM Rodrigo Duterte. Photo Credit: wikipedia.org

“If you want to be treated with dignity, then act dignified. If you abhor the abuses which you perceive are heaped upon you, then do not be abusive yourself. Respect and dignity cannot be legislated. They are earned,”

the vice mayor added.

Duterte also reminded the people of Davao City not to take the ordinance for granted.

“It’s just a mere piece of paper but if you violate this law, you will suffer imprisonment,” he said.

Under the ordinance, any person liable shall be punished by admonition and a fine of P1,000 for the first conviction. For a second conviction, there will be a penalty of P2,000 and 10 days imprisonment for the guilty party at the discretion of the court.

For the third conviction, or any conviction after two previous convictions the guilty party will be fined P5,000 and imprisonment of 15 days.

“Social integration, that is what this proposed anti-discrimination ordinance seeks and hopes to achieve,” Duterte said before the measure was presented to the floor for third reading.

He ended his speech by saying, “I hate discrimination and I loathe bigotry.”

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