Davao-based Company to Produce Biodegradable Plastic Additive


STARTING first quarter of next year, Dabawenyos will expect a new form of biodegradable plastic bags as a Davao-based company is set to introduce a new plastic additive in making biodegradable plastic bags in the country.

Robert del Fierro, president of Delfi Agriventures Corp., said the type of biodegradable plastic bag they will produce will be using a technology called “biosphere,” which is an American technology that has been used by advanced countries as an additive in making genuine biodegradable plastics.

The additive will be distributed to various plastic-manufacturing firm across the country.

At present, all biodegradable plastics in the country are made with the additive chemical compound called Oxo Biodegradable (OXO), at two percent for every plastic batching. Oxo plastics only degrade when there is presence of air (oxidation) and heat.

Del Fierro said one of the main advantages of the biosphere is its long-term effect to the environment as plastics made with Biosphere can decompose even in environment when air and heat is absent, making it more environmentally-friendly especially for plastic products that have been buried underground where sunlight cannot penetrate.

In terms of decomposition rate, Oxo plastics, when in landfill, can be decomposed after 12-18 months. But del Fierro said plastics made with biosphere can decompose much faster. In fact, at 18-day testing period, the plastic is at 37 percent decomposed.

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