ATM Card Payment for Davao’s Mabuhay Taxicabs


While many cities in the Philippines are dealing with the chronic problem of choosy cab drivers, dysfunctional meter readings and stinky taxi interiors, Davao City took a step further with one taxi company taking the lead in technology leap.

Starting Friday, 6th of July 2012, Davao City can take pride of the most advanced payment mode for cabs that is unprecedented in the country.

Mabuhay Taxi, one of the franchises that operate a fleet of several taxi units in Davao City, will begin accepting payments from Bancnet and Megalink ATM and debit cards. Not that cash payments will be snubbed, having another payment option doesn’t hurt. In fact, it becomes a handy alternative when you are half asleep, tipsy from a night out that you didn’t realize you just spent every bill in your wallet to treat friends.

Payments by credit card isn’t offered yet, but Mabuhay Taxi is working on it and expects it will also be added as an option soon.

Davao Mayor Sara Duterte, perhaps excited about the news, also announced this development on her Fanpage.

“Starting July 6, 2012, Black Mabuhay Taxis will begin accepting fare payments using Megalink and Bancnet member ATM/Debit Cards,” according to the post.

But even before this ATM/debit card payment option was introduced, Mabuhay’s black taxi fleet is on a league of its own. Each unit is equipped with global positioning system, which makes it easier to monitor. Its computerized dispatching is also one of a kind in the country.

The good thing about it is that the riding public can avail of these premium services without having to pay extra for these high-technology features.

Mabuhay Black taxi units have an exclusive taxi stand at SM City Davao and is the exclusive taxi service providers for the Marco Polo Davao Hotel and the Grand Regal Hotel.

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