8-Storey Hospital to Rise in Matina


Construction of the 100-bed United Davao Specialists Hospital and Medical Center is underway, and is expected to be fully operational by 2020.

The construction of UDSHMC, a level 2 tertiary hospital located close to Matina IT Park, officially started on September 27. It is planned to provide full services to patients such as operating room, intensive care unit, emergency room, dialysis center, and cancer clinics. It will be staffed mostly by local medical specialists.

UDSHMCI president doctor Justin Elfred Lan Paber said they came up with the idea of establishing the hospital early 2015.

“Although the hospital will cater full services, its specialty would be on cardiology, dental implantology, and cancer,” said corporate secretariat doctor Joseph Cachuela, adding that most of their member doctors and investors are specialists in these fields.

The establishment of the hospital, Paber said, hopefully copes the current dilemma of medical and healthcare professionals planning to leaving the Philippines to stay and practice their profession here instead. The group is expecting to employ about 150 medical staff by the launch of the medical facility.

While other hospitals and medical centers have expressed plans of setting up facility in Davao in the next few years, Paber said their group’s edge may be the quality and expertise of their doctors.

“Any other hospital is only as good as the people working in that. Technology is available but still it’s really about people. It’s really about service. Healthcare is really about the people who are giving it rather than the technology that’s available. I think that’s our edge because the dedication of the people involved is also the dedication of the people who is building it so we hope to continue that,” Paber said.

The 8-storey facility, Cachuela said, will have a helipad facility to anticipate extremely emergency situations, and this service might also involve the assistance of the AFP-PNP.